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Benpedia is an online, free encyclopaedia written in Bengenese, a conlang created by User:Danniel. It aims to gather all human knowledge and be a useful Bengenese source for the development of this constructed language.

What is a conlang?[redir]

Conlang stands for constructed language. Constructed languages are languages whose fonology, grammar and vocabulary were created by a person or group of people rather than by natural use and development. Bengenese falls into this concept.

Other websites[redir]


  • Bendict — an online, free Bengenese dictionary. It also contains many relevant appendixes about the language and tracks its changes.

Sister projects[redir]

  • Gratispaideia — a free, collaborative encyclopaedia in English that aims to address the neutrality of information on the Internet. Some Benpedia articles are linked to their Gratispaideia counterpart.
  • Gratisdata — a free, multilingual database providing structured data for any Miraheze wiki, mainly Gratispaideia and Benpedia.