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Skandinavy (at densk eg sverigul: Skandinavien; norvegul: Skandinavia) ero ann geografed- eg tarimedperiokyn fa Norteuropy tinódiled wet tes nordiknassies: Denmark, Norvege eg Sverig. At alune syls, Islant eg Foroyar tegol tilero as fredig, dom otet rottero due sicel ann metawik geopolitininged, ta fredig jućaro Finleg tegol.

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Officially, BNL has been removed from Benpedia, and its pages are no longer available. Any update that occur will be announced through the template HS/Updates, and automatically shown in the Main page.


  • Benpedia is now connected to Gratisdata!
    • Like Wikidata functions, Benpedia articles can be linked with Gratisdata items, thanks to the Wikibase for clients extension.


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